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Lincoln Line, aka Essef Distributors, has been in business since 1960, so we have a longstanding relationship with most of our customers.  However, we are always looking to work with new distributors in the promotional products industry through offering one of the largest and most diverse product lines (over 1200 items and counting!).  We are adding new products on a weekly basis to keep up with the latest trends (think slime, reusable straws and more!). Lincoln Line is proud of our 5-STAR rating in ASI (#52710) and A rating in SAGE (#60053), so you know can feel confident that we will give you the best service, as well as quality products.

Lincoln Line also tends to specialize in unique, novelty-type products.  For instance, instead of a basic click pen, we offer a paint brush looking pen, and instead of a basic key fob, we offer a functional handcuff key chain. These unique products really help sell a brand as they are products that stand out from the rest and, as a result, end users tend to hold on to that product.  Lincoln Line also has some of the lowest prices in the industry to help you be competitive in the online market place. We know a lot of end users are very price conscious, so we offer a Low Price Guarantee in which you can send us a link to any supplier’s competitive price and we will do our best to meet or beat that price!

(ASI/52710, SAGE/60053, PPAI/383490, UPIC/7414140)